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Recently, a German child psychiatrist published a book dealing with the overextendedness people are suffering in our ever more frenetic times. Based on his experience and observations in his psychiatric practice he reaches the following conclusion: “Permanent stress prevails in contemporary society. Millions of people suffer from aggrieving symptoms and feel exhausted, burned out and depressed. A poor quality of life as well as an indefinite anxiety mark their days.” (Michael Winterhoff: Mythos Überforderung, Gütersloher Verlagshaus 2015). Emotional distress and mental disorders are on the rise. The high incidence of psychologically disturbed children and youths at schools is particularly worrisome.

“Good counsel” benefitting the individual as well as the society is in demand and need.

The counseling centre founded by Willy Wahl helps people to find meaningful answers to the manifold questions that arise in their daily lives. Due to my comprehensive studies of depth psychology and pedagogy during many decades and due to my longtime care of foster children in my own family as well as due to my life great experience I have the theoretical as well as practical knowledge of educational work at my disposal and am therefore capable of helping advice seeking parents to work out adequate answers to their important questions.

My key issues are:

  • raising children/education of parents (“spoiling”, parental severity, ADHS)
  • marriage, partnership, problems in relationships, life crisis, sense of living, burnout
  • basic course in personal psychology


In my work I cooperate with experienced psychotherapists and psychiatrists to whom I may refer advice seeking individuals respectively families according to the complexity of their problems. The first counseling interview is free of charge.

Adler in his main work “Understanding Human Nature” (1927)

Alfred Adler Foto

“Unfortunately, however parents are generally neither good psychologists nor good teachers.[…]  In addition we must take into account the exceptionally important influence of mistakes in upbringing. A stern, authoritarian upbringing is quite capable of quenching any natural joie de vivre that children may have, just as an upbringing that removes every obstacle from the path of children and surrounds them with a hothouse atmosphere 'acclimatizes' them, so to speak, so that, when they are adults they are incapable of living in any conditions more blustery than the tropical warmth of their family. We see, therefore that education in the family in our society and civilization is not well adapted to develop those public-spirited 'citizens of the world' that we might wish for.”


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